Print Just 1 is free to download.

To download and install click download PrintJust1.

You will need admin permissions to install.

You will need to close Outlook while installing Print Just 1.

Do I need to pay?

Once you have downloaded and installed Print Just 1 you can then use it to print 20 times without registering.

To continue to use it after that you must then pay to register. Go to the Buy page for details.


Which version?

The current version is You can view the version history

NB From version the earliest version of Outlook supported is Outlook 2007. If you need support for an earlier version contact us.



If installing does not seem to have worked check the troubleshooting tips


For Network Managers


NB If you use just the MSI you must ensure that the .NET Framework (at least version 3.5 is installed.


The above link will set the correct permissions and then look for an run the MSI it finds in the same location, i.e. the MSI and this version of the PreInstaller can both be downloaded to the same location and then the pre-installer run. The ordinary pre-installer will download the MSI from the web site and this may not be appropriate in some network situations.

PrintJust1 for Outlook 2003

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